About Eat No Evil




More than a food truck...

We started with a big appetite and obsession for fresh, tasty street food cuisine.  

Eat No Evil was created by well-travelled locals, serving quality food that is equal to any restaurant in Perth. Creative, seasonal food inspired by travels across the world. 

Our full-service food truck hit the road in 2013. Originally it was an avenue to get out of long hours in restaurant kitchens and onto the beach! 

In the last 6 years Eat No Evil has grown to be one of the best food trucks in the country and a quality name in the catering industry.  

 Catering in Perth & Beyond 

We offer a full array of catering services. Mixing it up between the finer points of wedding catering, to the relaxed vibes of a pop-up food truck cruising our local beaches.  

Combining fresh seasonal produce with simple cooking techniques to create a truly exclusive WA coastal experience. Eating amplified to suit any space, size and creative vision. 

Sourcing local supplies such as Continental Meats, Phil’s Veggie Patch and Partridges Fish to bring restaurant style coastal food to each customer.    

 We’ll serve up great food experiences at your next event.