Incubation Kitchen


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Located in Beaconsfield, Western Australia Eat no evil is now offering its commercial kitchen for lease.

Whether you are starting a new food business or need a commercial kitchen for an existing one we can help. Our state of the art kitchen space can be hired by the hour, day or as an ongoing partnership.

After 7 years in the industry we know how difficult it can be to get set up and can also help with council licensing, storage, and market information.

Additional business incubation package for long term clients which includes cool room space, storage space, industry guidance, parking spaces. Enquire for cost..

The Kitchen includes..

  • Rationale 10 tray combi oven

  • 4 burner gas cook top

  • 6 burner gas char-grill

  • Stainless steel work benches

  • Dynamic stick blender

  • bench top dehydrator

  • bench top magic - vacuum seal

  • immersion circulator (sous vide)

  • Deep fryer

  • Additional cool room storage available on site

  • Dishwasher

  • Fully equip with pots, pans, oven trays, knives, utensils

  • All cleaning items and products will be supplied including tea towels and wash clothes to both kitchens

  Prices start from $35/hour (min 3hrs) or $180 day rate (all day)

cheaper rates for frequent use. Enquire in the ‘contact us’ tab above

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